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Why Grill Cleaning In Metro Phoenix?

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

One of the questions we get asked most often is why is it so important to clean your grill by a professional…especially in the greater Phoenix area? The answer is that it is actually important to maintain a clean grill no matter where you live, but there are some things that are specific to the Phoenix area that make it really important. As natives of the Valley, we have seen a lot of things that are specific to this area, and it gives us a unique perspective on the importance of maintaining a grill.

Overall, your grill needs to be cleaned regularly to extend its life and give you maximum return on your investment. Whether your grill is a hand me down from a family member or you spent $15k on it (yup, they can cost that much) your grill can last you a long time if you keep it clean and maintain the vital parts that keep your grill cooking.

Let’s face it, Phoenix is a dust bowl! We have lived in the East Valley and in these towns like Mesa, Gilbert and Chandler, your new grill left in the sun and elements for just a few months can look like an old broken grill fast! A cover can help you protect any grill from becoming weathered, and we can order one for your grill and we’ll deliver it to you for free. Cover your grill. It is an inexpensive way to keep it looking newer for longer.

Brush off those grates after every use. Yeah, this can be tough to remember. No one wants to brush off their grates after eating a nice steak dinner. But this simple task that only takes a minute or two can save you in the long run. We can order you replacement grates, but brushing them off reduces your risk of the oxidation and corrosion that spells DOOM for your grates. We recommend having Copper State clean your grates professionally twice per year. This will remove the built up char and potential carcinogens that build up on the grates and below them. Twice yearly clean ups can keep your grill sparkling and your food tastier and healthier.

Book your cleaning online today. Whether you are in Mesa, Scottsdale, Gilbert, Chandler, Tempe, Queen Creek, Fountain Hills or any other East Valley location. We will get your grill looking and cooking its best!

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