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Why Copper State?

We're different from other grill cleaning companies. You'll never have to run outside with a measuring tape and pay more for a larger grill. We'll clean it and clean it well. Our goal is to protect your investment and we don't feel like you should have to pay more because of the size grill your family or situation requires. Our low, flat fee pricing is fair for any size grill. Our friendly technicians will take great care of you.

Our process utilizes the very best non-toxic cleaning products, good old elbow grease and a 345-degree commercial steam cleaner. The best steam cleaner available on the market. 

  • What is included in a grill cleaning?
    Grill cleanings are deep and complex and include everything you would expect from a professional cleaning, including: -Removal of all charred material, ash and animal debris from inside the grill box. -Deep cleaning of grates, warming racks and all cooking surfaces. There will be no residue on them when we are finished! -Deep clean of all heat shields and heat deflectors. -Deep clean of all surfaces above the grates -Deep clean of the inside of the hood (lid). -Polish and cleaning of all exterior surfaces. One side burner is included if you have one! We don't charge extra like some others!
  • Do you need power or water for a cleaning?
    We will need access to a standard power outlet that works in order to use the steamer. We usually bring enough water for the steamer, but in some cases we run out and need to use some standard tap water from your hose. Usually about 2 liters will do. If there is no access to power, please let us know so we can make other arrangements.
  • How long does the cleaning take?
    About 3-5 hours on average.
  • Will my grill look brand new again after cleaning?
    This might be our most asked question. We can answer it by simply saying that it will look the very best that it can look. Most of the time, we are able to achieve a result that looks like new. There are several factors that go into how clean we can get a grill, including the age of the grill, how protected it was from the elements, how often it gets used, the quality of the materials and more. Sometimes there are deeply baked on carbon discolorations that will never come off. Our photos are all actual results and I can tell you that we are confident in your satisfaction.
  • Is it worth the money to get my grill professionally cleaned?
    In a word, absolutely. Our process uses amazing products and equipment to make your grill's cooking surfaces safe to cook food on. The misconception is that turning your grill on high to "burn off all the germs" is not sound nor does it work as intended. It also makes all of the charred material left on most grill surfaces even more dangerous for you and your family. If it is clean eating you want, a clean grill is a great place to start. We will remove carcinogens, bacteria, dirt, grime and other nasty stuff left on your grill by all sorts of critters. Grill cleaning also prolongs the life of your grill. The most important reason is just the great feeling it gives you when you cook food on a clean grill! That feeling alone makes it worthwhile!
  • Why is grill cleaning so expensive?
    Mostly because of the time it takes to do the job right. A good deep cleaning of a grill can take anywhere from 3-5 hours. We also use costly equipment to get the best result for you. In the end, the results speak for themselves! Generally speaking the price of cleaning a grill can be a fraction of the price of buying a new one. And that great new grill feeling comes back after a deep clean. In the end, we think you will feel like it was money well spent.
  • Do I need to be home for service?
    No. As long as we have access and your permission to get to where the grill is, we can do the cleaning with no one home. We love dogs, but if your dog has potential to cause harm to our technician, we ask that he be brought inside or kept away from the tech during cleaning. We also use equipment like a steam cleaner and power tools that could potentially injure a pet or young child. We ask for safe distance during a cleaning.
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