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Is Professional Grill Cleaning Worth It?

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

Grills are an investment. If you spent good money on a quality grill and it has served your family well, you should want to take great care of it! Professional grill cleanings prolong the life of your grill, make for better tasting food, and keep you and your family safe in multiple ways. The professionals at Copper State Grill Cleaning can keep it in tip top shape! Like a good family vehicle, your grill was solidly built and has been reliable, but like that vehicle, if it isn’t properly maintained it will eventually malfunction. Gas grills are serious business and we are serious about maintaining them for you. Our slogan, “Cleaning your grill sucks, we‘ll do it for you.” isn‘t just a slogan. It is totally true. Here are three reasons why professional grill cleaning is for you, no matter what kind of grill you use.

Reason #1: You probably aren’t cleaning your grill as well as you need to. If you are cleaning it at all.

The majority of grills we see just don‘t get cleaned at all. That’s ok. That is why we have a business! But a dirty grill is asking for trouble in numerous ways. Nearly 10,000 fires in the US each year are caused by grills. In most cases, the grill was dirty or malfunctioning in some way. You may also be exposing yourself and your loved ones to dangerous carcinogens in the form of charred food residue. Cooking on rusty grates is also not a great way to enjoy your food!

If the deep cleanings we offer aren’t for you, text me (480.241.9354) and let me know. For $99, we will come by, scoop out the charred burnt stuff from your grill box, brush off your grates and heat deflectors, sweep off your burners and make sure your grill is ready to operate safely. No one else in the Valley will do that for you. We do. Because we care.

Reason #2: Critters might be living in your grill. Right now.

It’s true. We have seen everything from rodents, to spiders, to birds living in a grill box or underneath a grill island. Your grill cleaning with Copper State includes an inspection for these critters. We’ll remove them so that they (and their feces) are no longer near your burgers, steaks and chicken.

Reason #3: Your food will taste better.

This one goes without saying. Your food will always taste better when cooked on clean grates. When burners and heat deflectors are free of charred debris, they heat more evenly, and your meat and veggies cook the correct way. You probably wouldn’t cook your eggs in a dirty skillet and expect them to taste any good, so why do it with your grill? You relax and focus on being the grill master. We’ll clean it up for you!

Reason #4: We can fix the dang thing! Usually for pretty cheap.

How many of you have had your grill igniter go out and resort to using the long butane lighter to light your burners? C’mon…don’t lie! It’s all good, but did you know that we can fix that and other problems with your grill? You might be surprised by how inexpensive it can be. So many times, a customer has told us that their igniter hasn’t worked for awhile. Most of the time we replace the AA battery behind the igniter button and it works again! In other cases, that igniter is bad and we replace it in about 10 minutes and usually for $80 or less depending on the grill.

Don’t resort to using unsafe methods of lighting your grill or using it because something isn‘t working. Usually it is no big deal and we can fix it quick.

In conclusion, professional grill cleanings are totally worth it. Aren’t you shocked that the grill cleaning company has that opinion? I know. We want to be your partner in great grilling and even better memories. Call us or book online today!

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