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Why You Should Have Your Grill Professionally Cleaned In Phoenix

This is one of the questions that we get the most from homeowners, landlords and other renters in the Phoenix area. Logic says that it isn't that big of a deal. After all, people have gone for ages without getting their grills professionally cleaned. The case for grill cleaning is becoming clear and it is overwhelming in favor of getting your grills cleaned by a professional. I will outline them below.

1. Grills are nasty

It's true. Grills can be completely and nauseatingly gross. We see it every day. People don't clean their grills because it is a difficult job. Nobody wants to get elbow deep into a grill and get black grime all over their hands and clothes. They mistakenly think that firing up a dirty grill "burns off" the old gunk and sanitizes the metal. Then they throw burgers or chicken on the grill and serve them to family and guests. The fact of the matter is that "burning off" old food residue doesn't help the situation, it makes it worse. That residue is charred even more than it was before and it has potential to be dangerous to your health. Twice yearly deep cleanings, and monthly basic cleanings can keep your grill fresh and free of bacteria and other nasty things that could be lurking on your cooking surfaces. Copper State's Annual Plan provides exactly what you need at a reasonable price.

2. Phoenix Area Is Notorious For Dirty Grills

Face it. We live in a dust bowl. It's ours and we love it, but Phoenix is notorious for dirty grills and dust in your food obviously isn't what anyone wants! If you have a grill in Phoenix, you need regular cleanings of your grill box and grill grates to remove dust and other things that stick to it during the windy storms and monsoons that hit us from time to time. Would anyone cook eggs on a frying pan that was in the backyard collecting dust, dirt and bird feathers? Of course not. But that is what some people do with grills! Phoenix is a great area to live and a wonderful place to have BBQ cookouts! Let's keep it safe as well by cooking on a dirt free grill!

3. Clean Grills Can Prevent Fires And Injury

According to the National Fire Prevention Agency, more than 10,000 house fires occur each year in the United States due to outdoor grill grease fires. Sadly, the agency also reports an average of 10 deaths per year from those fires and hundreds of other injuries. The overwhelming majority of these fires and injuries are preventable. Cleaning out grill boxes of all the grime, grease, ash and charred material can greatly reduce the risk of a grill fire. Nothing can completely eliminate the risk, but regular cleanings can literally keep you and your family safer and potentially save lives.

4. Animals Live In Your Grill

Not even kidding. We have found rodents and birds who have made homes in grills that people haven't used for awhile. Sometimes they are still alive and scurry away. But other times, we find them all burnt up because the grill owner didn't check before he fired it up. Food was cooked and consumed less than a foot above a dead rodent. Check your grills after a prolonged period of not using it. Or call us for a cleaning.

There are more reasons why grill cleaning in Phoenix is a good idea. But these four reasons are the best and are very compelling. Call us today for an on-demand cleaning or ask us about our affordable Annual Plan, which keeps you clean every month of the year!

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