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Grilling Tip: Temperature Control

One of the best things you can invest in that will help you increase your confidence while grilling is a good, instant-read meat thermometer. Cooking your meats to the correct internal temperature is the best way to ensure that your meal, and the meals of those you cook for is just right. Experienced cooks can tell by look, feel or time if meat is cooked to the desired temperature. The rest of us can accomplish the same thing with a meat thermometer.

Included in this post is a handy graphic that gives you basic information on what temperatures you should cook various meats to. Remember that some meats such as poultry, must be cooked to a certain temperature to be safe to eat.

As a reminder, consuming raw or undercooked foods can lead to contamination and even food poisoning. A meat thermometer can help ensure that your food is safe and will taste great. The perfect combination!

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